Mangosteen Fruit Benefits

The “Gardenia mangostana” is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. It produces the exotic, tropical fruit called Mangosteen.

Not a Mango but a Mangosteen.

Not to be confused with the familiar “Mango,” which is a well-known tropical fruit, the Mangosteen, often referred to as “purple” mangosteen, has a deep purple color on the exterior (the rind) when ripe and a bright white juicy inner flesh which is eaten.

What is so special about the Mangosteen Fruit?

The Mangosteen fruit contains phytonutrients called “xanthones,” It also has other groups of compounds, including anthocyanins, catechins, and flavonoids, all of which have their own list of studied therapeutic benefits.

These Xanthones are naturally-produced chemical compounds and are found in high concentrations in Mangosteen. They are considered to be some of the most “biologically active” plant-derived compounds and are reputed to have all manner of effects when consumed.

There are over 200 phytonutrients called “xanthones” which exist in nature, and 50+ of those xanthones, are said to be located in the Xanthone-Rich pericarp (rind) of the mangosteen fruit.

  • Mangosteen is high in phytonutrients like Xanthones (especially in the rind).
  • Mangosteen is rich in Antioxidants to combat “free radicals” in the body.
  • Mangosteen has Antimicrobial benefits to fight pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Mangosteen helps to control Inflammation in the body.
  • Mangosteen helps boost immunity.

The well-known anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of Mangosteen xanthones improve overall health and well-being. More Info on health benefits

Introduction to Mangosteen-Derived Xanthones
Mangosteen-derived xanthones are naturally occurring polyphenols found in the pericarp (the rind) of the mangosteen fruit.

These polyphenols have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making them beneficial for promoting overall health and wellness. Additionally, they may have potential therapeutic benefits for a variety of health conditions.

Benefits of Xanthones
Mangosteen-derived xanthones are believed to possess powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This has been linked to numerous potential therapeutic benefits, including increased immunity, anti-aging effects, improved cardiovascular health, and anti-cancer effects.

Evidence suggests that these polyphenols may also be useful for reducing pain and inflammation associated with arthritic conditions and for improving respiratory function in those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Sources of Xanthones
Mangosteen-derived xanthones are naturally found in the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit.

Mangosteen-derived xanthones are used extensively in dietary supplements, topical products, and pharmaceutical formulations. In dietary supplements, these polyphenols are typically consumed orally and are believed to provide a range of health benefits. Topical products containing xanthones are used to improve skin health and reduce inflammation associated with certain skin conditions.

Pharmaceutical formulations containing xanthones are being investigated as potential treatments for a variety of conditions, including cancer, pain, and inflammation.

Mangosteen-derived xanthones are powerful polyphenols with potential therapeutic benefits. They are used extensively in dietary supplements, topical products, and pharmaceutical formulations, and may provide numerous health benefits, such as increased immunity, anti-aging effects, improved cardiovascular function, and anti-cancer properties.

Additionally, they may be useful for reducing pain and inflammation associated with arthritic conditions and for improving respiratory health.

Unlocking Mangosteen Xanthone Bioavailability

The best source of xanthones is not found in the soft fleshy fruit but in the outer Rind of the fruit, but no one eats the rind; it is discarded.

At least 68 distinct xanthones have been identified in different parts of the G. mangostana plant, with 50 being present in the fruit’s pericarp at higher concentrations than in the aril or edible portion of the fruit [5].

THE PROBLEM with Mangosteen Products

The available Mangosteen Juices, Mangosteen powders, Mangosteen pills, and even fresh Mangosteen fruit all have one major problem, which is BIOAVAILABILITY. This means our bodies have a hard time ABSORBING the nutrients.

Xanthone oral bioavailability has been said to limit the potent delivery and overall wellness associated with Mangosteen extracts.

CTFO has made a breakthrough using a proprietary process of Xanthone extraction and formulation.  Our 10xPURE™ nanoemulsion-based liposomal delivery technology is designed to help increase the absorption of poorly bioavailable ingredients.

Adapting technology, already widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, the scientific team formulated a 10xPURE™ nanoemulsion based system that encapsulates the extracted natural xanthones within liposomes designed to deliver more Xanthone-Rich active ingredients than previously thought possible. This proprietary technology supports bioactive Mangosteen-derived Xanthones as promising candidates for general well-being.

Introduction to Mangosteen Bioavailability
Mangosteen is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia that is renowned for its health benefits. The fruit’s popularity has been attributed to its wealth of bioactive compounds, most notably xanthones. These polyphenols have been linked to numerous potential health benefits, including improved immunity, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-cancer effects. However, to unlock these benefits, the compounds must be absorbed in the body—which raises the question: what is the bioavailability of mangosteen?

Bioavailability of Mangosteen
Bioavailability refers to the proportion of a nutrient or compound that can be absorbed and used by the body. When it comes to mangosteen, studies have shown that its xanthones can be absorbed in the small intestine and processed by the liver before being distributed throughout the body.

Fresh, Raw, and Mangosteen Juice Bioavailability
The bioavailability of mangosteen is affected by several factors, including the type of formulation and how it is consumed. For example, if you consume fresh mangosteen fruit or mangosteen juice the nutrients are less bio-available and absorption is limited. Several clinical or medical studies show that when a 100% mongosteeen juice is consumed only about 2% of the nutrients are absorbed by in your body. Mangosteen nutrients in dietary supplements are better absorbed than eating the mangosteen fruit in fresh raw form or Juicedd. Dietary supplements such as those that contain nanoemulsified xanthones or liposomal formulations increase the absorption and bioavailability of the nutrients in the body.

Mangosteen is used extensively in dietary supplements and topical products. These products typically contain formulations of Xanthones, which are believed to provide a range of health benefits. By understanding the bioavailability of mangosteen, formulators can better optimize the delivery of active ingredients for maximum efficacy.

Mangosteen is a popular tropical fruit that contains a wealth of beneficial compounds, most notably xanthones. These polyphenols can be absorbed in the body, with the degree of absorption being determined by several factors, including the type of formulation and how it is consumed. Understanding the bioavailability of mangosteen is essential for formulating effective dietary supplements and topical products that can provide potential therapeutic benefits.

XanthoMyst™ Bio-Delivery Mist

Our Nano-emulsion droplets are so tiny that they are absorbed through the soft tissue of your mouth, so there is nothing to swallow.

From the moment you Twist & Myst™ XanthoMyst™ into your mouth, you’ll LOVE the way the tiny nanobubbles adhere to the inside of your mouth.

Next, our proprietary encapsulated, mangosteen Xanthone-Rich nanoemulsion 10xPURE™ technology improves the delivery and transfer of XanthoMyst™ directly into your body, bypassing the degrading of gastrointestinal enzymes in the stomach.

Nanoemulsions are nano-sized emulsions that support the targeted delivery of active ingredients. 10xPURE™ technology nanoemulsions are tiny droplets of one liquid suspended within another liquid.

Picture the tiny droplets that form when you shake an oil-and-vinegar mixture, except these droplets are micronized to carry mangosteen Xanthones and nutrients throughout the body

Each XanthoMyst TM contains 30 bio mist servings for a 1-month supply.

Recommended serving size is 4 Mysts per day, totaling 120 servings per Myster.

Introduction to Nanoemulsion
Nanoemulsions are a form of an emulsion, where two or more types of liquids that don’t normally combine and mix well (such as water and oil), are held together by an emulsifying agent. In simple terms, Nanoemulsions are just tiny droplets of one liquid suspended within another liquid.  In our XanthoMyst Product, we use nanoemulsion droplets that are reduced in size to the nanometer (nm) range, which results in a product with a range of desirable physical and chemical properties.

Benefits of Nanoemulsions
Nanoemulsions offer a number of advantages over traditional emulsions, such as increased stability and enhanced delivery of active ingredients. When compared to traditional emulsions, nanoemulsions have smaller droplet sizes and greater surface area, resulting in greater absorption and faster release of the active component. This is especially important when it comes to topical and oral delivery.

Formulation Considerations
Formulating nanoemulsions requires careful consideration, including a selection of the type of surfactant. Different types of surfactants provide different levels of surface tension; for instance, non-ionic surfactants are typically used for high levels of surface tension, while ionic surfactants are used for low levels of surface tension. Additionally, the ratio of oil to water in the formulation must be carefully chosen to ensure adequate solubility and stability of the active component.

XanthoMyst Product Application
Nanoemulsions are widely used in various industries, including drug delivery, food processing, personal care, and biotechnology. Drug delivery applications include topical creams, ointments, sprays, gels, and oral formulations. In the food industry, nanoemulsions can be used to stabilize flavors and fragrances, improve the appearance of products, and enhance the bioavailability of nutrients.

In our XanthoMyst Product, nanoemulsion is used to provide improved bio-availability and to support the delivery and absorption of active mangosteen nutraceutical ingredients. This science of biotechnology encapsulates and stabilizes the Xanthone-Rich active ingredients.

While Nanoemulsions have a range of potential uses in many different industries our CTFO scientists and formulators are using this cutting-edge science to enhance the bio-availability and absorption of the Mangosteen-derived Xanthones. Picture the tiny droplets that form when you shake an oil-and-vinegar mixture, except the droplets are micronized to carry mangosteen Xanthones and nutrients throughout the body. The 10xPure system that the final product uses are stable, compliant with regulatory requirements, and has the desired efficacy. With the proper formulation, nanoemulsions can provide enhanced performance and improved delivery of active ingredients.

Why Is The Product Called XanthoMyst™?  

“Xantho” is derived from the many natural xanthones including, α-mangostin, being the most active, found in Mangosteen Pericarp (rind). Twist & Myst™ your daily serving of XanthoMystTM into your mouth to efficiently deliver these compounds into your body for superior potency and bioavailability.

These compelling benefits are beyond anything else we have seen related to mangosteen in the market to date.

Mangosteen based product called Xanthomyst

The Science Behind Greater Bioavailability

Xanthone extraction and nanoemulsion combined with 10xPure Technology Process:

  • Extract insoluble Xanthone compounds found in the Mangosteen Fruit Pericarp (Rind) into a concentrate.
  • Integrate the Xanthone concentrate into an extremely stable water-soluble liposomal nanoemulsion.
  • Deliver the liposomal nanoemulsion via an oral mist for access by your body.
  • Small micronized liposomal particles are easily absorbed through the soft tissue in your mouth directly into your bloodstream.

The Xanthone extraction and nanoemulsion, combined with 10xPure technology, significantly improves the delivery and transfer of nutrients directly into your body, bypassing the degradation of gastrointestinal enzymes in the stomach.

Our XanthoMyst™ oral mist product with liposomal nanoemulsion forms tiny droplets that quickly adhere to the soft tissue and absorb more easily.

An Oral myst is a fast and effective delivery system to get your daily serving of mangosteen Xanthone-Rich nutritional ingredients.

Each XanthoMyst TM contains 30 servings for a 1-month supply.

Recommended serving size is 4 Mysts per day, totaling 120 servings per Myster.

Mangosteen Nanoemulsion with 10xPURE™ Technology

Nanoemulsion Benefits:

  • Enhanced Bioavailability
  • Better General Wellbeing
  • More Potent Delivery
  • Better Absorption
  • Faster cellular penetration
  • Get More of What You Pay For

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Medical doctors (MDs) continue to join the XanthoMyst Community, including Dr. Albert Miller, MD, who in the past has witnessed remarkable results that patients have achieved with Mangosteen. Dr. Miller is thrilled by the opportunity for people to now get Xanthones into their bodies through the innovative proprietary Lipsomal Nano-Emulsion XanthoMyst.

Albert Miller, MD

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