Information is based on the article that appeared in the Women’s Magazine, Redbook. Published: Feb 9, 2023. Article title: 12 Surprising Health Benefits of Mangosteen By Nina Derwin (Edited for content and original images have been excluded)

12 Surprising Health Benefits of Mangosteen

An age-old tropical fruit stacked with powerful health benefits, mangosteen makes an excellent and delicious addition to your diet.

Though its origins are largely unknown, the mangosteen is a fruit derived from an evergreen tree commonly found today in tropical regions bordering the Indian Ocean. For centuries, this purple fruit has been a source of nutrition for those who enjoy it, offering a dense profile of vitamins and minerals and many powerful health benefits. Juicy, sweet, and tangy, mangosteen is as delicious as potent. When incorporated into a healthy diet, it can have a tremendous impact on many aspects of the body’s health and overall wellness.


#1 Filled With Antioxidants

Antioxidants are powerful in their ability to neutralize the potentially damaging effects of free radicals or a type of molecule associated with several chronic diseases. Mangosteen contains folate, xanthones, and vitamin C, all of which contain antioxidant properties.


#2 Supports a Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune system requires a healthy diet, and fiber and vitamin C, essential to your immune system and overall health, are found in mangosteen. Mangosteen is also thought to contain antibacterial properties, fighting off harmful bacteria in your body.


#3 Promotes Heart Health

Research suggests that mangosteen extract can potentially reduce LDL, or bad cholesterol and triglycerides, helping reduce the risk of h***** d******. Additionally, it may also help increase HDL or good cholesterol.


#4 Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Mangosteen contains xanthones, which in addition to having antioxidant properties, also have anti-inflammatory properties. Mangosteen may mitigate the body’s inflammatory response.


#5 Assists With Weight Loss

It is believed that mangosteen’s anti-inflammatory effects benefit the body’s ability to metabolize fat, essentially aiding in preventing weight gain. While it’s not a magical cure-all for weight loss, it can be helpful as part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


#6 Promotes Healthy Skin

Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, mangosteen, when formulated into mangosteen extract, can help protect the skin from the damage caused by sun exposure. It may also contribute to reducing signs of aging.


#7 Aids Brain Health

Research suggests that mangosteen extract can aid in maintaining brain health over time. Mangosteen extract is said to help reduce brain inflammation, prevent mental decline, and potentially decrease symptoms associated with d*********.


#8 Helps Control Blood Sugar

The xanthone compounds present in mangosteen are potentially helpful in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Those at risk for d******* may benefit from taking mangosteen extract to reduce insulin resistance.


#9 Supports Digestive Health

Because mangosteen is loaded with fiber, it’s unsurprising that one of its many benefits is digestive health support. Diets that are high in fiber help maintain bowel regularity.


#10 May Help Reduce The Risk of C*****

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen have the potential to help combat the development of c********* cells in the body. Research suggests that xanthones can help reduce c***** cell growth.


#11 Promotes Overall Nutrition

Despite being low in calories, mangosteen is high in nutrition. The fruit contains vitamin B, vitamin B9, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, manganese, copper, magnesium, and fiber and is low in fat.


#12 Improved Circulation

Mangosteen is thought to improve circulation and blood flow, which can help protect the body against several diseases like a****************. Additionally, improved blood flow to the eye may help protect against c*********.

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